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Advantages of BioPath


Does Not Compete with Routine Tests

  • BioPath differs from other free-standing laboratories in its ability to PARTNER with hospitals without competing with their routine testing business. It FOCUSES on assays requiring specialized instrumentation and offers expertise that is not routinely available or economically feasible in hospital-based laboratories.


Comprehensive Test Menu

  • BioPath supports hospitals by providing SPECIAL TESTS that cannot be performed by their laboratories due to low volume and equipment expense.
  • By offering SPECIAL TESTS, BioPath complements the test menu of hospital-based laboratories, enabling them to provide a full spectrum of laboratory services to their physicians and patients.


Consulting, Marketing and Educational Materials

  • For information on new assays, investigation of abnormal results and other laboratory services, Biopath's pathologists and medical technologists are available for consultation to clinicians during office hours.
  • BioPath has a strong marketing group tasked to aggresively call-on physicians and laboratories regarding the latest tests and other services offered in our laboratory. All of its markieting personnel have extensive training on the SPECIAL TESTS offered by BioPath.

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